This file will be found in “My documents” unless you configured it otherwise. I actually did a clean install of Mastercam including registry sweep before I got the instructions on how to fix it. This error is found when trying to import a Solidworks file into Mastercam. It was really confusing when we would look on the license monitor and see that the accounting and HR dept were using a bunch of Mill-3 and muti-axis modules. Information on the nethasp.

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Follow the instructions given in the ‘info’ button of each download for install help. Sign mawtercam Already have an account?

I had forgotten about it until reading your post. Choose a Mastercam version from the drop down list. We had a couple of individual plants experience the same thing before our “big” conversion.

Then you launch the new network connection and Mastecam can see your employeers nethasp and you can run Mastercam at home.

Below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions that OptiPro’s Mastercam technicians receive. Sometimes I have to go on the floor and I take my laptop with me by switching on the WiFi.

Switch from Hasp to NetHasp – Industrial Forum –

It doesn’t happen often, but they do die sometimes. Sign in with Twitter. The first thing you will need to update your hasp is a code file; these should be sent from your local reseller.


I now need to find out why this is as the user may need to remotein from home at some time and obviously this will not work as it now for that.

Or sign in masterca, one masterxam these services Sign in with Facebook. After you hit enter you should get the notification below.

Mastercam FAQ

If you IT people give you permission, you could see all the files on your employeers servers too. I found out the issue with this PC. Click on the mastercam-licensemanager.

Let’s say you try to post out all of your 10 operations, however, only 2 of them post out. Once you hit enter, it should bring you to nasp color palate page where you can now select a new color for your wireframe.

The nethasp license manager is pretty basic. To do this, masterrcam are going to right click on the wireframe icon. To do this, select all of the toolpaths. This message will be removed once you have signed in. Privacy Statement Terms Of Use. Why did I receive an error message that says “Cannot find Parasolid data”?

Mastercam Activation Wizard Setup. The program generates a text file that can be sent to Technical Support to help troubleshoot issues.

It was really confusing when we would look on the license monitor and see that the accounting and HR dept were using a bunch of Mill-3 and muti-axis modules.


Use your display name or email address to sign in: When the download is complete, double-click on aksdiag You may get the error message “CodeMeterAct can’t bind the license to this machine, Error ” when attempting to install Mastercam. Mastercqm you remove the SIM from the computer, you will no longer have the ability to run mwstercam software at all.

DiagnostiX – Hardlock Diagnostic Tool. The nethasp system works great but I do agree it is limited in user control and license management in a DHCP environment. I have never had an issue with doing this so did not even contempalte the issue being realted to loggin in remotley.

Hassp correctly update the hasp, download the code file to your computer, make sure the number on the hasp matches up with the number on the code file for example, for the code file below, the sim would have a number of This Z2G file will have the same name as your file, and will have the extension.