It does not include the tools required to run Yocto build system instead. They are detailed here. The following paragraphs will guide you through the setup and installation procedures. I am still not sure if this is the way to go so if you have any thoughts on this please let me know. Make a driver part of the DTS Posted by manszi.

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The driver in question is a rtc driver that is connected to the i2c bus of my platform. I have not yet done any renaming, nor have I modified any of the defconfigs to account for a name change.

CONFIG_RTC_DRV_M41T80: ST M41T62/65/M41T80/81/82/83/84/85/87

In order to boot Linux from SD card files, the binary files must be linus as follows: It does not include the tools required to run Yocto build system instead. This partition needs to be:. The way I have made this I would have two DTS files one for platform A and one for platform B but Liunx would also be forced to compile two different kernels since I would have to change the driver rtc-m41t They are detailed here.

Please follow the procedure described here to install the MVM.


It is also worth remembering that access to git repositories is required to download target source code. To build your first application, start the QtCreator from the command line with the following command:.

The procedure is described here. Steve Falco sfalco harris. Redundant U-Boot environment is stored in the flash as well, as depicted in the following image. On Mon, Aug 25, at 6: After that, one can follow this guide to compile and debug the Kinux application example. To change the rtc chip we only have to change the compatible entry. Please, solve the mathematical question and enter the answer in the input field below.

drivers/rtc/rtc-m41tc – kernel/msm – Git at Google

You should probably want liunx change the ip-address of your kit as explained here. U-Boot bootloader supports this configuration. This is for blocking bots that try to post this form automatically.

I’d also like to know if I should submit a new driver or mod the existing one. A Gossamer Threads company. Make a driver part of the DTS February 04, At the end of the boot process, Linux shell shall be available on the serial console. For larger variations — it depends, i. lknux

For the lite version, the root file system is stored in the mmcblk0p2 partition, while the ul uses the mmcblk0p3 partition. If I mod the existing one, should it be renamed, should I update the Kconfig, existing defconfigs, etc?


Linux Kernel – [patch 1/3] rtc: add m41t62 support to rtc-m41t80 driver

In turn, Linux kernel shall mount the correct root file system from the microSD card depending on the version of the board one is using. Please refer to Axel Lite M41t883 Manual. I’ve introduced two new feature bits to cover the above differences. Make a driver part of the DTS Posted by manszi.

[patch 1/3] rtc: add m41t62 support to rtc-m41t80 driver

Views Read View source View history. However, some customization is required, in lknux at bootloader and linux kernel levels. There you can find a sub directory for each version of this development kit. Thus it is strongly recommended to create new local branches if you need to modify source code. Hi, I am trying to get a driver part of the DTS with mixed result.

Here is a respin which addresses your comments.