These are various Source code files I found online. Keep in mind that the. The performance was about 10 times faster than writing data to a floppy drive. This fact places these Original programming systems into a specific category of “Vintage hardware” making them extremely expensive. I am still trying to find this DOS utility.

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You can download the Various version at the links provided below: This provides users with two means of communication.

Using the DiskOnChip with Windows 95 http: The following figure shows a simplified structure of a typical hardware system, focusing on the DiskOnChip connections. H” file described above, is provided in the TrueFFS. The first customer for the DOC was Amrpo. The first 64 bytes can be found in Section 0, aliased 32 times.

As shown in the image below: The second half of the boot block is located in Section 2. This page was last edited on 28 Septemberat So the information that I will be sharing with you here on this page, is all based on the “DiskOnChip ” flash device.


Languages Deutsch Polski Edit sysstems. Pages using deprecated image syntax.

It also allows advanced implementation sysyems They then released “DiskOnChip ” in Inthe two companies entered into a strategic agreement with cross licensing of patents to develop new USB drive platforms introduced in The minimum requirements are a bit address bus, an eight-bit data bus, and three control signals. I am still trying to find this DOS utility. These came with various configurations of interfaced Flash memory.

M-Systems – Wikipedia

The available size is 64 bytes, aliased 32 times in the 2KB section. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Truefvs and Privacy Policy. As shown in the Images above. This is why Software developers love API’s. It required no separate power or device drivers from the computer if running Windowsor Windows ME ; it was a true plug and play device.

M-Systems Flash Disk Pioneers DiskOnChip User Manual

The driver implements the interface of the extended functionality by exporting a list of extended functions through IOCTLs. As early asToshiba and M-Systems signed mutual agreements to develop and market a number of products for which Toshiba was a sole source.

I will post it here for anyone that wants to try it out. The DiskOnChips were pre-formatted with this installed so that it would function immediately out of the box.


Views Read Edit View history. However, this hardware is of course no longer being manufactured and so they are extremely Rare and hard to find as well. It had an integrated LED which indicated when the device was reading or writing data to prevent premature removal from the computer. M-Systems did not produce the Flash memory used in their devices.

It is designed to function as a complete Stand-Alone programming station using a custom DOS software package. I am still trying to locate the original Installer or.

It is entitled “PortaDOC. This fact places these Original programming systems into a specific category of “Vintage hardware” making them extremely expensive. Pin 30 connection to VCC is optional – to support 28 pin devices.