I can’t really tell why the VGA wouldn’t work. I happened to be online when you replied. You can’t mix different sticks on the same channel. Thank you for your reply! Thanks for the reply man!

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I’m not usually that quick. I can think of only 3 reasons why that combination wouldn’t work: Anyway there are 3 possibilities: I can think of only 3 reasons why that combination wouldn’t work:. For example, can i put in the first slot and 1gb in the second slot?

Please be thoughtful, detailed and courteous, and adhere to our posting rules. Regarding memory, I believe that I mislead you. You can use DirectX diagnostic tool type “dxdiag” in the run menu to check if there are out-dated drivers in the system “DirectX files” tab. What i have done is i put the in the secound slot and the 1gb in the 4th slot.

Which graphic cards can i use for my GBF 865 Motherboard?

The other problem is that 2 ram is more expensive then 1gb ram. That is because the system is looking for new drivers for the d8865gbf piece of hardware.

Have something to contribute to this discussion? MY best gfaphics is bad VGA. Quake’s readme says that MB is minimum and 1 GB is recommended yaeh, right. I just hope that it does not take memory from the RAM. Thank d865gbv for a fast reply! First boot after new card was plugged in is normally very long.


I suggest that you don’t go under GeForce I think thats wrong but it still works. I do have a problem though, i get a beep when i switch on the computer and i think its because of the ram.

Intel Desktop Board D865GBF – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i865G Series

I suggest that you place one stick in 1st slot, and other in 2nd slot. Only questions remaining are what manufacturer you will choose I’ve chosen Gainward and got a free game – Deus Ex: Actually, i usually get emails when i receive messages here but for the last message grapuics sent me i never got an email and i geaphics got a little busy so i never checked in Daniweb They must be identical.

I think that you would need a super computer to run their games man. There is detailed information about my motherboard on this PDF document: Anyways, what i did is asked them to try ATI Radeon and it did work!

My only problem when running games is that my processor heats up quickly. Without knowing what motherboard you are referring to, it is not possible to motherboatd what VGA slot you have.


Also you can test the video card in the “Display” tab. That way you will utilize dual channel mode, which will give you some performance increase.

Thank you for your reply! I want this card to play games such as Quake 4 and so on and i also want it to be compatible with other motherboards just incase i buy a new one!

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board DGBF

Anyways, this AGP card i bought did not work for some reason, first i put it in the motherboard and the computer never switched ON until i realized that i had to attach power to it, but even when i attach power to it its fan does not work. The slow computer was only at the start when i installed the video card just like you said but now its fine! Regarding RAM, can i put different sizes in different channels? Thanks for the reply man!