We have verified that this serial converter works. The time now is New RAM fixed the problem. My CB3 is acting funny how can I reset it to the factory defaults? The unit will default to the bridge mode and ip address of You must select the ndis driver from netstumblers adapter menu.

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It seems that is a single-chip solution, but some of those don’t have the best compatibility out of the box [with Linux], and, some of those are not the most sensitive.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze cards These have both an 2511dcplus antenna and an external antenna jack, are tried and true in both Windows and Linux, and can be had for not too much money online. There are a whole bunch of iterations and versions. Last edited by qip; at Having that much microwave RF right next to me is a bit scary.

Esnao is a Windows Update Issue. Is this a mistake? Debian packages are available for both: It works with My Atheros chipset based card is supported by lots of the live Linux versions.


Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Here is a guide on how to set up Universal Wireless Repeater. Why do I need to use them? My new ECBS is making a ticking sound.

Note The information in this article is largely obsolete, but remains available for historical purposes. It still works fine with the hostap driversthough.

Senao SL-2511CD PLUS EXT2

This device has adjustable power output and ships in the 2511cdpllus setting high. I just used the latest from the madwifi project. High powered LAN products radiate very little power compared to other everyday devices.

Here is a guide on how to set up WDS repeater.

Type “reboot”, then hit enter. The default ip address in bridge mode is You must select the ndis driver from netstumblers pcmciq menu. This thing is amazing, with a range just slightly shorter than the Mac – and I mean just slightly.

Many nights I’m awakened by my modem lights blinking. I should have specified. If so, to what end? Here is the solution: Start a HyperTerminal session: Note that there are seperate hostap packages for different kernel versions.


Engenius / Senao Wi-Fi FAQ

New RAM fixed the problem. Yes on some of them we have information here. You want to use the client router configuration on your device we have instructions below. This engeniuz normal the sound will go away in 24 hours or unit warms up and does not affect operation. I believe that the best type of card right now for range is probably an ultra-sensitive “B” card, with external antenna jack.