William Grant wgrant on My touchpad is no longer working, even with the latest updates. Washko dann wrote on View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours. Going to have to retract my previous comment. Corner taps disabled; no tap gestures. I’ve been keeping up with the updates and I even tried the 9.

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Ok, so now we’ll try to get some kernel data and let a dev decide if we are dealing with a X or kernel, or even a hardware bug.

Intel Compal* CEL81945GM1 Drivers

I have only been using the live cd to test it. I decided that, as I was getting so much key bounce, I would run with the touchpad disabled and the key bounce does not occur.

Org XInput driver, compl 4. You could get a kernel developer in the kernel-team to look at the bug. Can you have a look at my bug – my logitech is recognised as elantech touchpad and does not really work – I don’t know if the two problems are related.


Rybahave you checked if any of the xorg.

It just like to note that this is not just eeepc issue. Daniele Napolitano dnax88 wrote on Wishing you and yours a happy happy new year.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – elantech touchpad uses evdev instead of synaptics

Download full text 4. Steve Conklin sconklin on Same as Pitabred, I have a Compal Hel80 the Hel81 also and neither touchpads work with the latest version of jaunty.

But please, keep this report up to date for reference. I have edge scrolling, the mouse moves and the buttons work, but that’s it — I no longer have two finger scrolling nor tap-to-click. That looks like the place I got it from. What modlules do you have loaded? Tomasz Dominikowski dominikowski on No synaptics driver loaded? I tried to compile an old kernel provided by the package linux-source This sometimes means I have to stroke it as many as 10 or even 12 times before it gets where I want.

Steve Conklin sconklin wrote on Ricardo’s fix got the touchpad working for me Lenovo ThinkPad Rbut edge-scrolling was disabled. My touchpad is no longer working, even with the latest updates.


I think it just varies on the touchpad you have. There is two solutions: At present the problem with key bounce does seem to have cleared up. Adding extended input device “Sleep Button” type: I have to reconfigure it and then reboot each time. By the way, what laptop make and model do you use?

Not much, I believe. Sun, 11 Apr GiuseppeVerde launchpad-digitasaru on Relevant part of xorg. Maybe that will encourage those that can fix this to do so. The indispensable electronic products in our lives to be bought in our own country are more expensive.

FYI, I’ve been testing Arjan’s driver on my laptop: