The images were crystal clear, never over or under saturated and the real-time editing and effects were smooth. The graphics board usually comes into play during editing and displaying transition effects but is cut out of the loop during capture. It never dropped a frame even at maximum settings. If you’re going back to DV tape you’ll have to wait while the system renders any effects that are in your timeline. I also got a number of emails that questioned my statements about 2GB limits in file systems. Test Proceedures I evaluated each of the four systems based on six basic criteria:

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Building a Digital Video Capture System – Part II –

When I clicked on rewind the camcorder dutifully began rewinding. The Sonic package is good although the documentation is nonexistent and it takes some playing around with, but again, it wasn’t designed for professionals.

The DV device control navigated us to the head of the clip and let us set in- and out-times. Installation was quick and painless on both systems. Most capture card companies will also recommend using a dedicated drive for capture and a separate drive for cv500 and OS boot.

Evaluation, Continued Since we have covered the digital video editing capabilities of the RT, I wanted to really focus on the capture quality. Next, I felt system requirements can sometimes be a make or break criterion since you don’t necessarily want to replace all the components in your PC just to get your video capture system to work.

Finally, documentation – you know, all those bits of paper and manuals that you skim through as a last resort when you can’t figure out how to get something to work – can either be a lifesaver or simply a waste of trees.


The images were crystal clear, never over or under saturated and the real-time editing and effects were smooth. Okay, I’ll give you that one but don’t come crying to me if you start dropping frames during capture.

To be fair, I’ve heard that other people had no problems whatsoever and that the DV Plus works flawlessly on a wide range of systems and configurations. Introduction So, if you’ve read Building a Digital Video Capture System – Part I you should have a general idea about the issues involved with building your own digital video capture setup.

DV and analog composite and S-video Formats: There is no way to gloss over this – the Pinnacle DV Plus is a bitch to install. It all worked like a charm. Pinnacle System’s DVExpert diagnostics utility useful for testing system performance. The software bundle is impressive and the capture quality near perfect.

Even with an insider direct line to head of tech support that most consumers won’t have access to I couldn’t get the system bozrd at all on the HP and barely working on the Micron. First, HP supplied me with one of their x boxes.

Pinnacle DV500 PLUS Video Capture Board and Editing Software Review

As far as dealing with problems, I couldn’t use precisely the same stress test tape but according to my friend, who tried to emulate the those problems from afar, the DV Plus performed well.

You can use them if you have to but what you see on your screen may or may not be what everyone else will see when they look at your videos on a TV set or on their booard. If you want to do real time 3D effects, it’s not going to happen with the DV After the system recognized the new hardware and the software was loaded, we began our test by trying out the proprietary Pinnacle Systems DVTools, to see how the system worked with DV device control and capture functions.


Matrox is communicating with Intel about this problem, and we hope to offer a solution very soon.

DV-500 Shower Commode £ 295.00

I tried cleaning the system the best I could, disabling as many things as I could, and moving the board from slot to slot but even after dozens of re-boots, manual driver installs, and a few blue-screen’s-of-death I still couldn’t get it to work properly. After scanning, the identified clips become poster frames in the Tape Gallery. So, whether the problem really exists or not, whether it’s in the file system or the software, whether it’s 2GB, 3.

But installing the system on the Micron was also a snap so I’d have to give ADS high marks in this area. But that lead to one of the weakness in the DV Plus.

Pinnacle DV PLUS Video Capture Board and Editing Software Review – Videomaker

But only the effects need to render, and dc500 my friend’s lowly Pentium II machine, the rendering took about 4 seconds for every second of effects. In the software bundle, Pinnacle includes Adobe Premiere 6. Hollywood FX Copper provides a slew of 3D effects and transitions that run near real time in preset mode.

Other Peripherals As far as other peripherals go, I’ve found that a CD burner or external Jaz drive can be very handy for moving and storing video files as long as they don’t conflict with the capture system.

Problem handling was fair. Get the biggest drive s you can afford.