What do you think of the one I posted the link for? By the way, during the week it’s hard for me to get to a computer regularly, so I may be away for a couple of days at a time till next weekend, but i’ll keep checking in. This shader-ectomy leaves the X GT with 36 pixel shader processors, 12 texture address units, 12 Z-compare units, and 12 render back-ends. I’ve got copies of both drivers ready to try out, 32 and As stated, Video In, Video Out functions are supported.

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Now you can by glancing through the latest revised PureVideo support Can you test it in another PC? Well that didn’t solve the problem This is getting ridiculous. It has run my system for a year and half without problems. Experience tells us radeln Nvidia’s pixel shader units tend to achieve more throughput per clock than ATI’s, but that will depend greatly on many things, including the mix of instructions being executed.

This usually indicates problem with the driver itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly. The specs on the side read: Both cards feature 12 pipelines so can this card give the Geforce PCIe a run for its money?

radeob Of course, handicapping the comparative power of the Radeon X GT and its competition from the green team can get tricky in a hurry. You probably did but I’m just checking.


Thanks for all your help so far!

Also, one of the two main ALUs in the current Raeon pixel shader unit splits time between executing shader code and handling texturing, while the R has separate and independent texture units. Already have an account? The folks at Connect3D were nice enough to let us coax a Radeon X Rareon out of them on the eve of its replacement, and we’ve run it through an enlightening gauntlet of synthetic and real-world tests to see how it compares to, oh, fifteen or so competing graphics solutions.

TeamVR January 15, If so, have you installed the required. The Top Tech Picks of Join the community here.

Connect3D Radeon X (PCI-e, MB) Overview – CNET

With simple packaging and a light bundle, some of you can enjoy the lower price such products would offer. That combo leaves the Radeon X GT with 6.

To get the 64 bit driver from the ATI website you would have to scroll down the left side a bit to find it. This shader-ectomy leaves the X GT with 36 pixel shader processors, 12 radoen address units, 12 Z-compare units, and 12 render back-ends.

I would recommend at least W to give you adequate margin and the more amps donnect3d better, at least 18A but A would be better. I also found this: TeamVR October 24, Notify me of follow-up comments by email.


Connect3D Radeon X800 GTO

I’ve read about PSUs being a problem, I have speedfan but don’t really know what it’s showing me, could anyone conhect3d The file ati2dvag is one of the files of the graphics driver. I’ve updated NET framework, is it worth doing it again just in case? Yes, my password is: As stated, Video In, Video Out functions are supported.

While keeping everything else at the bare minimum, Connect3D had kept the price down too. I have an older Antec W.

I’m radeom to have a go with the first one, mixture of budget and my friend’s one running a higher system than mine fine. The same R graphics processor that powers the uber-fast Radeon X XTX connect33d under the sleek, single-slot cooler of the X GT, but in this implementation, about a quarter of the R’s functional units have been disabled for the sake of product segmentation. I’m beginning to think I’ve forked out for a rubbish card, is that the case?