Retrieved 15 August Swervedriver have their roots in Oxford when schoolmates and aspiring guitarists Franklin and Hartridge along with Franklin’s older brother and vocalist, Graham, and drummer Paddy Pulzer formed the band Shake Appeal in So it looks like Swervedriver will hit the road once more. Swervedriver performing at the Perth International Arts Festival , Ultimately all that remained of the band according to Franklin was, “myself, Jimmy Hartridge and some effects pedals”, though Moulder still anticipated producing a full-length Swervedriver album.

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I Wasn’t Born to Lose You [Slipcase] by Swervedriver (CD, Mar-2015, Cobraside)

Sample of “These Times”, the third single from 99th Dream In early the album’s second single, “Last Train to Satansville”, was released. Inbass player Adrian seervedriver Vines, from Yorkshirejoined the band, and the following year they released their solitary single “Gimme Fever” through Notown Records. In Junethe band announced a five-date tour in Australia for late September—early Swervedeiver during which they would be performing Raise in its entirety along with “old and new highlights”.

It all happened quite quickly and we met cobrside in a pub in London last month and figured out what we’d like to do, which at this point is just heading out and playing some shows again. A Rockumentarywhich also featured interviews and the music videos for swsrvedriver of Mustang Ford” and “Sandblasted”, and released it on 14 May Retrieved 31 July Maybe the Swervies can rustle up a new tune or two but really, there’s more than enough going on with that back catalogue already.


In the beginning ofthe group convened in a collaboration with Castle Music to decide on songs for a retrospective.

SXSW Music – Review: Swervedriver – Music – The Austin Chronicle

Retrieved 25 September Retrieved 26 July Archived from the original on 17 February It’s all over the place. Archived from the original on 12 October That swervedriveer also saw the release of two more works through Swervedriver’s personal label. They would later be given away to fan club members.

They released their first new single in fifteen years in Septemberand their first full-length album in seventeen years in March Reviews of the album were mixed, mainly around the band’s shift from the heavier, multi-layered composition of previous releases to a more acoustic, song-based sound that at times seemed disjointed.

Archived from the original on 12 August Swervedrivver 6 August Archived from the original on 22 September So it looks like Swervedriver will hit the road once more. Retrieved 28 July Rider chronicled Hindmarsh’s experiences and observations on the road touring for Swervedriver from to Retrieved 30 October I mean, I guess I was there and everything, but it’s swsrvedriver this great kinda country style to it that sounds like it might have only happened one night, and it’s stuff like that that keeps the whole thing alive to me From left to right: Despite its lack of commercial success, critics have considered Ejector Gecords Reservation to be the band’s highest achievement.


This segment exemplifies the album’s more laid-back rhythms and Swervedriver’s move towards an indie rock sound.

Growing tired of recotds local scene, the group had decided to head to Londonand there they met drummer and Edinburgh -native Graham Bonnar, formerly of the post-punk band The Shattered Family. They ultimately decided to keep going until the end of the year, honoring their touring commitments, and then according to Franklin, “take a bit of a time out Sample of “The Birds” from Ejector Seat Reservation demonstrating Swervedriver’s incorportion of classic pop influences and George’s deep bass lines.

I gotta say that seervedriver that really sparked my interest in this was hearing the live version of “Sandblasted” that has been posted for some time at swervedriver. Retrieved 3 Aug From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.