When the surface of roller is initially exposed to solvents or similar chemicals, it swells and softens the roller or rubber surface. The Spectrum scanners offer: When the scanner is set to Stop, the scanner will hold the multifeed pages at the exit rollers. Then install VRS 4. Skimmer Assembly Cat No:

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If you scan more than 10, documents per day, you can purchase additional consumable kits or individual consumable parts from any of our authorized Consumable Parts Resellers. The scanner is very dirty but the cleaning reminder has not turned on yet, can that be changed? Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual Figure 7.

Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 7. You need to split the process into two pipes. Hoeell is important to know that there is an ultrasonic multifeed limitation: Positioning and Inserting the Skimmer Flag 8. A full invoice should be emailed to howel winner by the auctioneer within a day or two. Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual There are three main types of operator interface menus on the scanner, including the home menu, user menus, and maintenance menus. The scanner transport then stops and the user is notified that a multifeed has occurred so that it can be quickly resolved as soon as it happens.

Printer Bowe Bell Howell Copiscan Spectrum

Using the multifeed detector in that mode will still detect true multifed documents. Make sure the imprinter is located in the proper position and that the document is wide enough to be imprinted. This will slow down the scanner’s throughput by more than half.


You must select the Interactive settings for the blue copisan to appear. Segregation, culling, or selection of property for the purpose of effecting partial or incremental removals will not be permitted except as specifically authorized and prescribed by Bentley’s.

Here’s how you can start:. When enabled, the scanner measures the color content per page. The multifeed detector can be set on the scanner to Stop, Notify, or Ignore the error.

Thus, to understand the true Total Cost of Scanning, you will also want to factor in ongoing scanner costs along with your initial scanner cost.

Remove the jammed sheet or sheets up and through the feeder and inspect the steel trays for debris that might have caused the jam. Disable any of the following VRS software features that you do not need in your particular application:.

Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 2. If you are using the same PC workstation that you used previously with a Copsican Plus scanner, you will need to uninstall VRS in the following way: The bidder warrants that he is not: Once the Interactive settings have been changed, restart the application for the changes to appear.

Return – VRS will return any error to the application to be handled within the application. How do I know if the image will be displayed in the Preview window if the brightness is out of range? Cindy Wells Level 3 Expert Answers.

Bowe Bell Howell Copiscan 8000 Plus Flatbed Scanner

The Options Tab that contains the Special Features are not saved when creating a profile. Can the default profile values be restored to the true default profile? Some basic settings that affect the throughput of your scanner speed, rated in pages per minute PPM include:. Make sure the new flag is in the spectruum position, with the UP facing upward.


When the side panel 80000 the scanner is opened, a safety interlock removes power from the transport circuitry before any hazardous parts are accessible.

Bell + Howell Scanners – Bell + Howell Spectrum XF D

Lamps are rated to last up to hours. On the scanner’s front panel, press the “CLEAR” key, then press the right arrow key several times until the “Code Revision Numbers” menu is displayed, which will look like this:. Push down on the right end of the glass and slide the glass to the right until you see the edge of the glass flat on howll left side. We recommend that you change the VRS default brightness setting if you are scanning white bond bsll in color and would like all of your images to retain a bright uniform white, also known as “saturated white”, instead of what may appear to be an off-white or a light gray.