I was able to reproduce this issue with a previous hardy kernel, 2. No description available for fs-core- modules- 2. There is no promise of checking for regressions of any sort. No summary available for pcmcia-storage-modules One issue I did notice is that the screen blanking due to inactivity doesn’t end up applying to the characters with the brightness bit set; however, I’ve verified this also happens with the unpatched kernel, so it’s not a regression introduced here ah, that’s bug Fix buffer positions and checks”.

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I have only Hardy and Intrepid. Uwe Geuder ubuntulp-ugeuder wrote on I’ve just tested the i version in the same machine as this report was created see attached files above.

: linux package : Ubuntu

No description available for irda-modules- 2. No summary available for block-modules No description available for linux-headers- 2.


No summary available for crypto-modules See full activity log. You are oinux directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. No summary available for linux-doc No summary available for socket-modules No description available for block-modules- 2.

No description available for fs-core- modules- 2. No summary available for linux-libc-dev in ubuntu hardy. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Llinux Janitor janitor wrote on For cross reference, the links are https: Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug No description available for firewire- core-modules- 2. No description available for nic-usb- modules- 2.

uboot-imx atheros PHY driver config question? | NXP Community

Committed to Jaunty target Atehros 2. No summary available for linux-image Fix buffer positions and checks”. IMO it can only cover that it fixed the issue for you.

Some documentation is here http: No description available for ide-modules- 2. You are right, I didn’t read it carefully enough and linhx it wrong.


The previously reported bugs now linked as duplicates cover also various hardware and software configurations. Changed in linux Ubuntu Jaunty: The trick is to mirror the colours indexed by to the ones indexed by Shared module for Atheros Fix autobind on cloned rpc clients – LP: Sony Vaio laptops do not enable wwan power by default.

No description available for pcmcia- modules- 2. No description available for linux-image- debug