Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Will order from Parallax today. Comes in 4,8,16 ports. These new converters can be recognised by the third character of the serial number, which is printed on the label on the back of the converter. Most USB to Serial converters will automatically download the drivers for it from Windows Update when first plugged in. Do the Parallax adapters work on Win8?

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It has a 3 foot cable and uses the FTDI chipset.

Bridgemate Support Center

I had to look into them because my dad’s aircraft nav GPS wouldn’t work properly with cheaper ones. If the Bridgemate Pro server uses a direct serial connection port or another brand of USB-serial converter, do not use this driver. Hello, Most USB RS converters are trouble, it’s because handshake and other signals are not used or behave in a bad way.

How to uninstall the current driver: Many brands use FTDI chips.

I was hoping to get this going fast because of some propific projects. I’m not sure, but Parallax tech support should be open in a few minutes. These don’t work for CNC communication. That new cheap blue USB adapter also goes in the junk drawer. Any idea how to get around this?


In Windows 8 Device Manager the yellow warning symbol will show for converters that used to work in Windows 7 but are too old to work now: Uv232a on the Windows key and the X key on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Quick Links menu.

Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Can be purchased on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

USB > RS232 adapter

If the option “Delete the driver software for this device” is displayed, select it, then click OK to confirm you want to uninstall the driver. I only have 2 ports and both are USB3. Must admit that I haven’t jumped off the Win8 cliff yet, but anything that looks like this: The converter will automatically be recognised and is ready to use.

Almost all the problems i met in the last 10 years with RS communication were related with a Usb converter Regards, Marcjan Best regards Only on STEP7 I have this problem Perhaps you need to uc232z the steps shown in the attachment, as my converter is connected to my system.

I’ve only run into one piece of equipment that didn’t work with the Keyspan units. Anyone familiar with this problem?

I could not find the chipset used in the GUCA. The driver will now be un-installed. Downloaded recommended driver by seller from http: Procedure If a driver is already installed, you should uninstall the current driver first.


It worked great on XP and Vista and taen my preferred adapter in most cases. This 8-port usb to serial converter works well.

A problem with Aten UCA serial converter in windows 8 – Microsoft Community

Not Win8 compatible device cannot start and didn’t work properly on XP or Vista. Do the Parallax adapters work on Win8? Aug 31, Posts: Wed Nov 02, 5: If the following character is a letter, the converter is the new type and can be used together with this driver. I have frequently used the converter for the bit version. All my software that I need to load into my device I can run on prolitic main desktop system fast computer and any operating system then, when I want to load my board level devices, I use the Netbook.

This article describes the procedure for downloading and installing version 3.