If you still need help, send a message to the apcupsd users’ email list apcupsd-users lists. In addition, when apcupsd attempts to instruct the UPS to kill the power, it begins cycling about 4 times a second between battery and line. Hendrick beginning in , and we want to give credit for good, hard work, where credit is due. If you preserved your existing apcupsd. The server will respond to this command with a series of its own messages containing the status data. If you do not know what cable you have, you can use the apctest program to determine the type of the cable.

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By right clicking again on the system tray plug and selecting the Status item, you can verify that all the values for your UPS are correct. Specify which device is used for UPS communications.

See the Customizing Event Handling section for more details. In addition, there is a diagram near the end of this chapter. Debug logging consists of debug messages. No, you do not need to be root and, in fact, it is better practice to build rpm packages as a non-root user. The tools apcupsd gives you to do this include one command-line utility apcaccess and a GUI you can use through a Web browser.

This event is generated immediately when apcupsd detects that the UPS has switched to batteries. You can specify a second optional argument to apcaccess in the form of host: If you are not sure that logins are disabled for the port, run the ‘admintool’ program as root, and disable the port.


There are four possible settings: To get the usb package and support in those versions either set the.

APCUPSD User Manual

At this point, you should verify that in the event of a power fail apcupsd properly calls apccontrol. Note that the USB config changes windowss be reversed if you remove Apcupsd using ‘ make uninstall ‘. When this data is written to a file, it is written as two records, the first record, and all the other records together.

For example, when a power fail occurs, you may want to send an email message to root. To test your computer’s connection with a serial-line UPS, you first need to establish that the serial line is functioning, and then that the UPS is responding to commands. The package build is controlled by a define set at the beginning of the file.

In general, it is much easier to let apcupsd find the device itself. Apcupsd’s packages are designed to be built by a regular user but you must make a few changes on your system to do this.

See more details in this post. Note that if you close or disable the tray icon this does not stop or disable the apcupsd service which will continue to monitor the UPS and shutdown the computer when appropriate.

Once installed apcupsd normally runs as a system service. Under no circumstances should the UPS be turned off during a run time calibration procedure!

You will need to know the corresponding APC model number. In this case, when you specify the name of the master in your apcupsd.


[Ubuntu] Networked UPS with apcupsd, APC 750 and Windows

When this data is written to syslogit is written a record at uusb time. The signals used on the other cables are different. The default username on a new card is ” apc ” and the default passphrase is ” admin user phrase “. This switch is on by default. Now you are ready to read the Building and Installing see Building and Windws apcupsd section of the manual and follow those directions.

APCUPSD User Manual

For the NIS client computer, you will have a configuration that looks something like what follows. Only one program can communicate with the UPS at a time and if apcupsd is running, apctest will fail to contact the UPS.

This code is not fully tested. Only one daemon can listen to the trap port, so whichever one is started first will succeed and the apcupxd will fail.

This is due to the initialization of the serial port line signals, which often looks to the UPS like a shutdown command. When the system tray icon turns from a question mark into a plugright click on it and a menu ub appear.