Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. If wondershaper doesn’t work, look into the underlying program that it uses, tc. I wouldn’t have reliable sound if I didn’t install this. You see my wlan card won’t set txpower right in 9. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. I mean they both are file system, organizing data but if that all they all are?

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If php is already installed in your machine and is associated with apache then it is advisable to select the “Install Apache” option as con. Wait at least one minute for the command to scan your computer and generate the list of drivers. And another bhtuh, you’d just turn on the apakkah and walk away to come back in few minutes. Dude, we’re shafted using 2 lines, a T1 and a 6Mb disl line because that’s all they offer here. If you want to use Beryl with it, forget it.

How to download all required Ubuntu drivers – Ask Ubuntu

I’d keep the 2 highest cause sometimes you need the old image. You should see a couple other’s there.


Am I able to install Ubuntu as triple boot? May 9th, 3. Brasero is installed by default, if I rememeber correctly.

Access denied for user ‘admin’ ‘localhost’ using password: I need to add deb http: I’ll check it out and get back with you, thanks for the idea. Can someone help me getting sound to work? The channel guidelines are at https: Serraphyn, Ubuntu is beginner oriented but not really developer oriented. It seems like something’s wrong with GConf and it’s affecting a bunch of apps. Anyone know if the USB startup disk allows you to subsequently add a FAT32 partition to the drive, to create a space for moving files between Windows computers?

I keep forgetting to mention that. Taufan Lubis — Ubuntu Linux Be free…. That is why it is occuring. Looking for a popular online open source, I think it’s like the Sims. Hi there, I started using ubuntu few months before, 6 months to be precise. Quan-Time, pretend I have one OS. It is a good thing for my research.



I looked a while for an office suite for Linux Harddrive sizes are listed in metrics by the manufacturer, but gparted and most programs list sizes with binary prefix. Last Jump to page: I see the way to do Connect To Server, but that only makes it accessible through smb: Ina terminal you need to do two things.

That way, it’ll go through Apache. Or I should write my own? I maybe didn’t uderstand your question, but have jbuntu tried VLC? In this case, proxying means that Icecast requests will be “proxied” or ran through Apache.

Indeed, it uses the units correctly. I really like clean interfaces.

I seem to recall some cli app for kde or gnome that did that